What's in it for the Founders?

  • Go Deeper: Ability to expand on complex internal and external business scenarios, to elevate out of the market and segment-specific platitudes and showcase what a founder uniquely brings to the table as a founder/CEO

  • Less Time Prepping: if you know your business and industry than you will perform at a high level in a Pitch Madness tournament. No more memorizing in front of the mirror or spending hours developing a pitch deck with catchy slides! 

  • Cash, Prizes and Exposure to Investors & Executives: All of our tournaments are designed to help founders connect to resources that can get their company to the next major milestone. 


What's in it for the Judges?

  • Unique Lens into a Founder: A chance to see entrepreneurs think on their feet versus simply give a canned pitch. Their ability not only to defend their positions but also incorporate feedback on the fly which provides critical insight into a founders depth of knowledge of the industry.

  • Thought Leadership: Judging is different with Pitch Madness - Our Judges get the time to provide deep analysis on the founders responses in real time, so the entire audience has the opportunity to learn from their insights. 

  • Access to Top Talent: We curate exceptional founder talent to compete at our tournaments. 


What's in it for the Fans?

  • Entertainment: First and foremost Pitch Madness looks to make every tournament fun! We've modeled ourselves like a traveling rock band. This is because, we believe that if you're having fun you're more open to LEARN!

  • Competition: Humans have enjoyed watching other humans compete with each other for over 15,000 years - it brings out many of the fundamental pieces of a thriving society.

  • Education: Platitudes aren't helping in gathering valuable insights from founders going through similar situations that you're experiencing. The debate format creates an environment where founders can touch on specific strategies and best practices they use on a day to day bases that you could incorporate into your business.

Pitch Madness offers 3 different Tournament formats


'The Original'

  • This format is best for a two-day tournament. The ideal number of founders competing is  8. 

  • Founders will be seeded 1 through 8 and paired up for head2head debates within your standard sports tournament bracket. 

  • Each debate will be between 10-15minutes in length with 4-6 questions asked by the monitor/referee.

  • Prior to starting, the referee flips a coin to decide which founder will start.

  • The referee starts the timer and presents the first question, each founder will get 1 minute to provide their answer and then the referee opens it up to back and forth debate.

  • After time has elapsed for the round, we kick things over to our 5 judges. 

  • Each judge has to present their analysis on how they think the founders performed in answering the questions. The judges then have to choose which founder they think should move onto the next round - this is done live, in front of both founders and audience members. 

  • The founder with the aggregate of the judge's votes will move to the next round.

  • First day of the tournament will have the 4 first-round debates. 

  • Second day of the tournament will have the Semi-Final in the morning and Finals in the afternoon.

  • Questions will get incrementally more complex as the rounds progress.


The 'Ross Perot'

  • We all remember the 1992 Presidential Election, right? Well if you dont, Ross Perot ran what was considered among the strongest Third Party presidential campaigns in US History. We've named our 'One Day Tournamant' this because in order to work within time limitations for a one day tournament we place 3 founders on stage to debate eachother in the finals - just like Ross Perot famously did when going up against Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush. 

  • One day tournaments also give us the opportunity to conduct industry specific debates in the first round. The ideal number of founders competing is 6. We will source founders for three different market segments. For example, HeathTech, Esports/Gaming and PropTech. 

  • The time per round will be 10-15 minutes and founders will each get 1 minute to give their initial responses before it becomes open debate which will be monitored by the referee. 

  • The three winners that emerge from the three debates in the first round, will all share a stage in the finals where they will debate questions that are geared towards topics that every founder should have an opinion on. 

  • The judges will have the same cadence with the founder as they do with 'The Original' format.


'Primary Style' 

  • Our 'Primary Style' looks similar to the debates during the presidential primaries, where you can see 5+ candidate debating on stage at the same time. 

  • This format is designed for one day tournaments where we need to include a large number of founders. 

  • There will be three debates in the first round that each includes 5 founders. These three debates can be industry-specific or general questions. The time per round will be 10-15 minutes and founders will each get 30 seconds to give their initial responses before it becomes open debate which will be monitored by the referee. 

  • There will be one winner from each of the three debates that will compete in the finals.

  • Total time for the entire tournament can be completed within a 1.5-2 hour timeframe. 

  • The judges will have the same cadence with the founder as they do with 'The Original' format.

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